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Here, I chronicle my day-to-day shopping adventures- plus tips, tricks, and the latest trends! Today is Thursday, May 25, 2017

If the Shoe Fits


Finding the perfect shoe- be it heels, flats, tennis shoes, or flip flops- can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.  But with the right knowledge- which shoes make your legs longer and which give you bad ankles-  finding the right shoe is as easy as reading this blog.  So to help you out, I've created a (semi-) brief guide:


  • Round-toed heels can (sometimes) make your feet look like hooves
  • Tan heels make your legs look longer
  • Black heels against pale white skin does not look good- so wear nude stockings
  • Strappy heels work against people with larger ankles (or cankles, in the nicest way possible!)
  • Pointy-toed heels can be a pain (unless, of course, you have narrow toes!), but they can do wonders for your feet
  • Very high heels (that is, 5 inches or more) can ruin perfectly good posture
  • Heeled boots that rise to the mid-calf or more can elongate the legs, but ankle-height boots visually chop the legs in half.



  • Ballet flats flatter everyone
  • Flats are the perfect place to add a pop of color to your outfit
  • For a casual flat, try a sneaker flat
  • For a dressy flat, find a silver or black patent style
  • If your flat is flapping off your ankle in the back, stuff a cotton ball in the toe- or buy a new pair
  • Never wear suede flats in spring/summer- stick to patent/ rubbed leather
  • Avoid straw/ woven flats at all costs- they scratch up and ruin your feet


Tennis Shoes

  • Any shoe that promises to tone you up is uncomfortable
  • It is best to get a shoe with a large, strong heel so it can absorb impact
  • To add style to your tennis shoes, buy a pair with a neutral and a color
  • A pair of slim, cleat-like tennis shoes (without the spikes) can be worn anywhere
  • Make sure the laces are long enough to tie- but not too long

Flip Flops

  • Before wearing flip flops anywhere, make sure they don’t dig into the top of your feet
  • Flip flops with a small platform (wedge) dress up the usually casual shoe
  • Beaded/ sparkled flip flops are also good for dress up— or day-to-day wear
  • Havaianas are one of the best brands for flip flops
  • Never, never wear socks with flip flops (or heels, for that matter)


I hope this lets you know what to look for- and how to avoid certain things- when shoe shopping!


Cecilia Cassini... Ever Heard of Her?


You sure have now.  Cecilia Cassini is a fashionista (we share that in common), a designer (I wish!), and... 10 years old.  That's right, 10 years old.

How did I hear about her?  I was reading an article on Miley Cyrus' $25,000 outfit for her music video, when a bit at the end of the article caught my eye.  The bit was about the dress Miley was having custom made by Cecilia Cassini...the 10 year old fashion designer from Los Angeles.  So I Googled her, and came up with her website:  www.ceciliacassini.com.

I could not believe my eyes: she designed all her own dresses (each one a unique and individual piece- which she liked to refer to as a masterpiece), and was now selling to and having trunk shoes with Fred Segal (a select LA boutique) and celebrities the likes of Miley CYrus and Denise Richards were buying for themselves and their children!  On top of that, she had a Today Show interview.  Can you believe it? I know I can't.

She's extremely fortunate- her brand kicked off and now she's making a "big print on the fashion industry".  Pretty amazing stuff!

[Soon-to-be-fashion-designer!] -Madi

On the Search


I am on the search for the perfect pair of pumps.  They will be black, leather (not patent), round-toed, and no more than 3.5" high.

I know exactly what I would wear them with, too- dresses, jeans, pants, high-waisted skirts... the possibilites are endless.

I already found a pair by Madden Girl (by Steve Madden) for the low price of $49.99, but they didn't have my size.  So my next plan of action is to search the web for them.  How do I do this, you ask?  Simple:  in the search bar, I enter "madden girl sursey pumps" and voilà! BUT... the only place that carries the leather version is ShoeStation.com... and they are out of stock.  Sad, right?  But that's okay- I won't give up, because I need to have these fashion basics before all the chances I have to wear them are gone!

More importantly, what do you all think?  Is this not the right time to buy black heels?


This I Believe


I recently had an essay due for English class- This I Believe.  Based off of the 1950s radio shows, This I Believe essays were to be written about something you truly believe in.  So I decided to base mine off of fashion.  My thesis goes something like this:  Success is derived from not only what you wear, but also who you really are.

The following is a short excerpt (including the first and second paragraphs):

What You Wear and Who You Are

Clothing can reveal a person's accomplishments- the more expensive the outfit, the more successful that person is.  And this assessment can prove very true.  But sometimes, what a person wears does not project their achievements- rather, it reflects who they aspire to be.  But this is not the person that should be presented through clothing.  THe person who should be seen is the real you.  This is why success is comprised not only of what you wear, but also who you truly are.

No matter where you go, there are people who set the bar and those who try to reach it.  But the latter often try to follow exactly in the former's footsteps. This is a mistake. When striving for success, you should behave in you rown manner, not  the one those before you acted in.  The same holds true for clothing choices.  Despite the fact that everyone else is wearing the same trend, you should not sport the exact same thing.  You should let your actual behavior and action shine through your style, distinguishing your true self from the person others expect you to be.

That's something strange, isn't it?  Relating fashion to being yourself (even though it is so true).  Just though I'd post something a little different today!


You. Did. What?


A few days ago, I had a doctors appointment.  It was just a run-of-the-mill physical for school and camp.  It was scheduled to start at 9:30, and we were supposed to be back to school by 11.  But because we got to the office early, the appointment was started at 9:15.  By the time it was over, it was only 10:15.  We had 45 minutes until we needed to be back to school, so what did we do?  We ran by Kohl's to get baseball shirts.

That's right, we went shopping.  It's not like it took us 45 minutes- we were only there for 10.  But I got lucky- I got not only my baseball shirt for the game, but also a white eyelet skirt and maroon shirt (both on sale!).

Now, I'm not encouraging anyone to schedule appointments in the morning so you can get done early and go shopping, because that could get you in trouble.  But I just thought I'd remind you just what being a Shopaholic can do to you!

*By the way, I, a self-named Teenage Shopaholic, was actually able to offer to pay for the skirt and shirt!  I am ecstatic about this, partly because I have money (and no job- it's called babysitting), but also because I can now go shopping: remember that time when I said I would try not to shop until I had the money?  Well, now I don't have to worry about any inclinations to shop!


DIY Jean Shorts


Summer is getting closer, meaning it's time to bring out the jean shorts!  But many of us don't have shorts- or more specifically, I don't have jean shorts- and don't have the money to buy them.  But, don't worry!  You can easily create your own shorts, using only the following materials:

  • A pair of long jeans (when I say long, I mean ankle length) that are either too small or old (but they should still fit in the thighs)
  • Scissors (sewing scissors are best, but sharp ones work, too)
  • White colored pencil or chalk


Begin by putting on your jeans.

Make a small mark wth the pencil/chalk on the jeans, a little over 1/4 of the way down your thigh from your hip.

Take off jeans and lay them on a hard, flat surface.  Again, the jeans should be flat and as wrinkle-free as possible.

Begin cutting off the leg of the jeans, but cut 1/2 inch below the white mark.  Remember, it's better to have more than you need than less!

Finish cutting off the legs, snipping any loose strings.

Put jeans back on, and check in the mirror.  Ask yourself: Do they fit correctly?  Are they the right length?  Should they be shorter?

(Warning, before following this step, remember that you can cuff the hem) If you think they should be shorter, cut off the 1/2 inch strip you left behind.  Cut off all loose strings.

Try the shorts back on.  Ask yourself again:  Do they fit correctly?  Are they the right length?  Should they be shorter?  (Hopefully, you can answer yes to questions 1 and 2)

Ta-da!  You now have an (almost) perfect pair of jean shorts, made by you!





Uniforms? Uh, No


As I've mentioned before, our school has a dress code.  Admittedly, it is not very strict, but it goes something like this:

  • Boys must wear collared shirts
  • Pants with belt loops must be worn with belts (boys)
  • No low cut or tight fitting tops
  • Skirts and shorts must be to the knee or longer
  • Shoulders must be covered
  • All shoes must have backs

Like I said, the dress code isn't too bad, but even with these rules, it can be very hard to pick out an outfit in the morning that isn't out of dress code.  For example, the popular cut of shorts right now is mid thigh- not Sophees (short shorts) or Bermudas, but in between.  So where does a Teenage Shopaholic find Bermuda length or longer?  Bermuda shorts, Bermuda shorts, where fore art thou, Bermuda shorts? The answer?  I have no idea.

Many parents (especially parents of Teenage Shopaholics) think the only way to solve the problem of not-knowing-what-to-wear-that's-in-dress-code is by having uniforms. But uniforms take away unique style and flair!  Right?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I personally oppose uniforms, but if they were cute uniforms- or uniforms designed by us- I wouldn't have as much of a problem with them.  Who knows?

Speaking of uniforms... here's a funny story:

Time?  9:40 am.  What?  The announcement, in front of the entire Middle School, that starting next year, we would have uniforms.  But not just any uniforms.  Scottish uniforms.  Yep, Scottish.  That is, kilts, argyle knee socks, penny loafers, blazers, ties, and all.  As soon as the announcer finished, a collective gasp could be heard.    No! Not uniforms, the worst nightmare of a Teenage Shopaholic!  How could they!    But here's the twist:  date?  April 1, 2009.  Yep.  They sure got us.  But I actually learned something from this, um, experience:  even with our often times despicable dress code, we sure were lucky.  Lucky to be able to wear what we wanted to wear.  Mostly.

So,  my heart goes out to anyone who has to wear uniforms (unless, of course, they are okay or are, lucky you, designed by students)!


Purses, Purses, Everywhere


I have more purses than I can count.  Okay, maybe I don't have that many, but I do have a lot of 'em.  Leather (um, faux leather), knit, straw, tote, hobo, clutch, and wristlet, I have many of the purses known to man.  So where (and how) do I wear them all?

When I go to to the mall, I usually bring a solid-colored  hobo or tote bag, the better with which to carry my sunglasses, phone, wallet, lipgloss, lipstick, eyeliner, [another set of] sunglasses, and any jewelry I buy.  The only downside?  All the more to carry when I have 2 shopping bags in each hand.

When I go to dinner or lunch with family, I bring a small clutch or long, thin shoulder bag.  This way, I am limited to my phone and lipgloss, making it much easier on me and everyone else.  But, as per usual, there is a downside:  It's so small, I just might lose it... that is, I might leave it at the restaurant.

On the beach, I bring either a not-as-nice straw purse (otherwise known as "it can be filled with sand") or a cloth tote bag.  With these, I have enough room for sunglasses, phone (n a plastic bah), sunscreen (also in a plastic bag), and a book or two.

When I'm out and about (just not, you know, shopping) I usually bring a knit purse.  It is on the smaller side, but I really don't need much.  Besides, I wouldn't want ot put too much into it- it was sewn by me (and my stepmom), and the bamboo handles are round, making it a fragile little thing.

The best advice when deciding which purse to bring:

  1. Think about the circumstances:  if you're going somewhere messy, bring a purse that can get messy (or one that can be easily washed)
  2. Match.  The purse.  To.  Your.  Other.  Clothes.  This doesn't mean you should bring a dark blue hobo when wearing dark blue jeans, a blue shirt, and black shoes, but coordinate your purse with, say, your shoes or belt.


Good luck carrying around a lot of stuff!



It's a Stampede


Yep, it's time for another teen trend report: animal prints.

Whether they're leopard, cheetah, zebra, or giraffe, these designs are making yet another comeback.

But, how does one wear these styles without looking like a caveman (or woman or teenager)?

The answer:  Accessories!  Yes, the best way to wear this trend is by adding printed pieces to otherwise neutral outfits.

  • To Work:  Dark brown skirt, pastel blouse, cheetah print heels.  Just trust me- I know this sounds a little strange, but it does look good.
  • To School: dark or black jeans/pants (whichever cut you prefer), loosely fitted T-shirt (in either white or light color), zebra print scarf (either black and white [if you wear a colored shirt] or black/ white and bright color [with the white shirt]), footwear (Converse/ Vans work best, but flats are fine, too).
  • Formal: Giraffe print dress (not necessarily tan and brown, gray and white works, too), matching flats/ heels in solid color.
  • To Add to Any Outfit: add neutral or brightly colored, animal print bangles to any outfit to glam it up.




My Closet Anywhere


Since it's Spring, I thought I would do some spring-cleaning of my closet.  The only problem was, I knew my clothes would end up in the exact state they were currently in: crumpled into the drawers, strewn over the floor of my closet, and, on top of that, I couldn't match a pair of shoes to save my life.

But then, a friend told me about an App from Apple that let you take pictures of your clothes, organize them in folders (with an unlimited amount of these, might I add), create outfits, plan what you're going to wear ahead of time with the built-in calender, and, when you have no idea what to wear, you can have the App randomly create an outfit for you.

In a single sentence, it allows me to decide what to wear without going through my actual clothes. Amazing, right?

I haven't had it for very long, but so far, it's been great!  But, as usual, there are a few cons to go with the pros:

Cons The pictures take a really long time to save

When I take a picture, it sometimes rotates the picture to best fit, thus messing up the direction of the item

When I have it randomly create an outfit with, let's say, a skirt, top, footwear, and a belt, it sometimes leaves out the top, belt, or footwear, leaving me to decide

Taking pictures of new clothes can be a pain

Pros So far, it has saved me a fair amount of time

The full version has an unlimited amount of items/folders/outfits

There is a Lite version

There are also versions of it for Androids/ Droids

It lets me decide what to wear without messing up my perfectly organized clothing


If any of you can, buy Closet!  It's $2.99 from Apple (it might be free for the Androids/Droids) but it most definitely is worth it!

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